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It definitely isn't the most powerful, but for a normal yard, trimming, weeding and all the other normal things, it will do just fine. This whipper sniper is easy to assemble. The blower will be low priced  because it will make use of the battery pack/handle of the lawn trimmer/edger. Write a review on ProductReview.com.au! There is a button on the spool an if you push it in you are able to manually feed line. Has anyone had a similar problem? I have rad all the reviews and I guess I am just lucky but I have not had any of these problems with my 40 volt trimmer. Blower?…sorry, i use a rake and broom. Bradenton Florida Lawn Maintenance Specialist. Charged the battery and the motor would turn, made no unusual noise, but would start and stop depending on the position of the variable speed throttle switch. Battery ceases to power unit if trimmer is held at certain angles. People who have bought this must have had a sign on their forehead that read "I AM AN IDIOT".'. Used it once. IT is completely unusable. Second, it can be used on any other Ryobi device! I would not recommend it either, I spend more time re-feeding the line then I do actually trimming the lawn. Is this the way its always been or did something change. Aside from the products versatility, the tool is powered by a lithium-iron battery and has an improved cutting capacity. Keith, I recently got to play with the 40V chainsaw and will say it is like cutting with a gas saw. You just need to attach the handle and the lower trim guard and it is ready to go. That bit aside, let’s delve into what is different, shall we? People who have bought this must have had a sign on their forehead that read "I AM AN IDIOT".' Our review will focus on the Ryobi 30cm 600W Electric Grass Trimmer code RLT6130 as this one tends to offer a much lower price point but we will also outline and compare 2 cordless alternatives – one without the battery (bare tool) and the other a hybrid with the battery included which will cost you a deal good more than the corded version. This is a public forum presenting user opinions on selected products and businesses, and as such the views expressed do not reflect the opinion of ProductReview.com.au. Like most string trimmers, you need to install the guard. On the third use the motor smoked and died. Anyone know how to take the round part away from the bottom of the unit. Ryobi Hedge trimmer- What’s in the box? I notice we are still looking at single string. Only one line head which will not get through lengthy grass. My last Ryobi. What part of ti threw off smoke? This sucks to put it mildly. The Ryobi 18V Brushless Line Trimmer is the product you need to trim your lawn edges. You can feel a slight click, that click is the popping out a bit. Ryobi 18V Li-Ion Cordless 13" String Trimmer/Edger and Jet Fan Blower Combo Kit By ryobi 9.3 View Product 9.3 3: RYOBI P2080 18V ONE+ Lithium Cordless String Trimmer/Edger w/ Battery & … In our test, we were cutting 4×6 posts and you couldn’t feel any bog. Purchased in February 2020 at Bunnings Warehouse for A$99.00. Which was equally amazing. I bought (2)- Ryobi 40 volt string trimmers in 2016 . Nothing but a problem. And no, I receive no compensation for reviews – the only reason for a lot of Ryobi things going up around the same time is because I got all of the products for review at the same time. So I dismissed the motor even though he had mentioned the motor over heating. I’m looking forward to trying the two-string bump feed trimmer with heavier line. The last big difference I noticed it that the trigger is now a safety trigger, requiring you to pull a trigger on the bottom and on the top of the handle at the same time. It has been great and I’ve used it extensively. (Black&Decker had a Nicad 36V double string that was was short lived but looked awesome.). For starters, the robust 40v battery is a huge improvement over the old 24v model. Newby Shade Tree mechanic here. The Ryobi Rep. was doing demo days at the local Home Depot and asked me to check it out the new 40v. For example, Ryobi P2052 One+ 18 – Volt Cordless String Trimmer – one of the best seller items from the brand – only weighing 4.99 pounds with a size of 49 x 4.5 x 5 inches. I have to wonder if they got a bad batch, but buyers beware. The first one quit working after one use. You come across as unknowledgeable or a shill for Ryobi. Thanks, Operates using a lithium ion battery for a cordless operation, which makes it easier for you to freely move around the garden, A brushless motor provides increased power, with an extended run time and motor life, Variable speed trigger and 2 power modes let you adjust the speed according to the thickness of grass you’re cutting, A 2mm bump feed head allow you to cut grass by either edging or slashing. The significance of this is that the residential user will find the reduced price of the blower to be quite attractive. The 24v model was decently sized, but it was not balanced well when the battery was inserted. The resilient battery was appreciated by many reviewers, who stated that it lasted for a long time, so they were able to get a fair bit of use out of it, Lightweight build made this line trimmer easy to use and handle, without any fatigue. Some other manufacturers offer this as an add-on, but the Ryobi comes with. You must be logged in to post a review. Again, most useless peice of crap. Then my wife spoke of a spot she wanted to use it, which means I will be using the trimmer after all. Now I see why Ryobi installed the lighter, thinner, weaker line on this unit. I bought this for $100 not expecting much, as i already owned some ryobi one products. Ordered another trimmer {minus the battery} that was factory refurbished and now it is doing the same thing. I then cleaned up about half of my 300 feet of road frontage, the battery was still at 25%, but I was at 0%.. lol. I probably wont buy one to find out. £99.99 View retailers. Further details in the disclaimer. line melts and sticks to it self and then breaks,,,have to keep taking apart the string housing,,does not auto feed..VERY frustrating…anyone having this problem?? With a ramped up battery, I had to ramp up the yard size – taking it from my urban city yard to the rural yard of my in-laws, a respectable three quarters of an acre in size. Would not recommend this trimmer. Am I best off with the .065 or .080 string? I guess it cannot be used if growth is more than 2 weeks old. It might have a different shape to handle the larger 40v battery, but it still takes a ridiculously short amount of time to charge a battery from dead to full – they say ninety minutes, but in my experience it took more like seventy. Although I do like the two switch safety design. The battery is to hard to take off. I then proceeded to hurt my back, really bad and I am preparing for surgery. Love love love this thing….it’s a beast!!!! Says it’s fully charged but won’t power any of my tools. Powerful 6 Amp Motor ; Telescopic fiberglass shaft extends reach up to 9 ft. high; Buy on Amazon. I bought this unit because I have a small amount of grass in the backyard, but not enough to warrant purchasing and storing a lawn mower. To give Dad something he actually loves - and uses daily - read on for a list of Christmas gift ideas on Dad's secret wish list. Returned it today and purchased a gas trimmer. I had such high hopes when I purchased the Ryobi trimmer and blower in 2015. Nothing in the manual nor in the reviews. I like Horsepower and torque and don’t usually go the electric route as I have an acre of land that is hilly and has lots of edging and weed eating to do. Yes, sometimes the string doesn’t advance as well as it used to (spring for advancing it is getting worn), but lately, I’ve noticed that after about 30 or so minutes of use, it starts to “cut out.” I don’t know if the control switches on the shaft are having problems or what, but it has started doing that and it is annoying. I seldom use...Read more. I am not completely sure if this was intentional or not, but that takes most of the weight off of your wrists and puts it on your biceps and triceps – muscle groups more designed for a workout than your wrists. EDIT>> 1. Other than that it edged very nicely – much better than I expected for a cordless model. WORSE: The smoking motor somehow short-circuited the battery… and to my shame, I actually clicked in my spare 40v battery “just hoping” that it would solve the problem. I do not like being misled. I have had my ryobi 18v for years, it is the one that only has 1 line coming out to cut. First, it lasts for over one hour at its maximum energy consumption, which allows you to work on your hedges for enough time to set everything in order. Put a 5 AH battery in and saw a marked power improvement. My tip, perhaps choose the cheaper Ozito. THIS IS A BAD IDEA…DON’T PURCHASE IT!! I agree not best system but isn’t to bad all considered when get use to. Ryobi 18V One+ Line Trimmer OLT1830 has been discontinued. Have about 10 spools that the string welds itself within the spools and cannot be loosened to reuse. 1. 3. It is easy to … Light weight. Good working time even with a 4Ah battery. Purchased a Ryobi 40 v string trimmer. I trim the grass a time may require to take off the battery at least 5 times in order to check the line and and shaft without knowing what's wrong. In order to auto feed you need to hit the rpm up and let stop. When are they coming out with a blower???? I would not recommend the Ryobi 40 v string trimmer. It comes in handy for so many projects. Good for its price... but not the greatest unit, Makita 18Vx2 Brushless Loop Handle Line Trimmer. How does the one string 40v cordless compare to a two string trimmer? Corded electric; Reviewed Mar 2020. Guessing some engineer at Ryobi had a nice raise with the 30 cents per unit he saved the company by using cheap connectors. You just need to attach the handle and the lower trim guard and it is ready to go. So glad to hear you love the saw too! After multiple email correspondence with Ryobi tech support, their last response was that the ACRL3A single spool would fit my trimmer. This whipper sniper is easy to assemble. I edged about 40 feet of walk, and trimmed around a couple dozen trees and under the deck, and the battery was still at 75%. Trims/cuts for about a mtr, line breaks, pull apart, manually feed out more line, start again, another mtr, and on, and on, and on again. Wow! For a battery operated machine, the battery lasts a long time. Things like the fact that you do not have to “bump” the bottom of the string trimmer to get more string out and the easy switch from trimmer to edger are right there like last time. And you only had 5 hours on the tool, even though it’s about 14 months old? As with most things,your needs should be a significant factor when choosing. Hopefully, Ryobi will sell a package that contains both the blower and the lawn trimmer/edger  for a price that is way below the shelf price of what a stand-alone blower and a stand-alone lawn trimmer/edger would cost (same concept as what Ryobi is doing for the 24volt equipment). Hi! I too just bought a second one for the exact same reason. I’m a big fan of the Ryobi 18v products but the line trimmer is a big disappointment.Easy to start, light weight & quiet.Small light grass areas can work, buffalo grass no good. Hi Melissa it has one line should have two witch makes it hard to usenot one of Ryobi`s best i would go for refund. Now I’m out $200 in batteries, as well as whatever dollars I spent on the culprit trimmer. This was not a refurb, but brand new retail.

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