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Tintin's dog; about a reporter and his dog. Shaun's friend; about an anthromophic sheep and farm associates. A pup that works in a jungle that has extreme hearing capability. A stray dog who lives on the streets and becomes Lady's love interest. In the comic strip and animated movie; about a dog who thinks he's intelligent and tough but is actually soft and cowardly. He secretly loves Cookie, a Boxer mix. About the time-travelling adventures of an advanced intelligent and clever dog and his adopted son. Gru's dog; about a criminal mastermind who uses a trio of orphan girls as pawns for a grand scheme. If you haven’t seen the film or read the book, Marley and Me is the real-life story of Marley, a loving but badly-behaved Yellow Labrador, and his life with the Grogan family. Noté /5: Achetez List of Fictional Dogs in Animation de Russell Jesse: ISBN: 9785514966271 sur, des millions de livres livrés chez vous en 1 jour Pluto's girlfriend in the Mickey Mouse movies; produced by, Leader of Fagin's gang. Argos [2] [3] Odyssey: Homer: The faithful dog of Odysseus. Buttons tries desperately to keep Mindy safe and he always succeeds, except he gets hurt and in trouble himself with Mindy's mom (and on rare occasions with her dad). Victor's dog and resident of the Land of the Dead. It is a collection of various animated dogs in film. Max's girlfriend, whom he tries to impress. Mixed-breed pup that takes part in repairing jobs and likes recycling. These lists are for all canines except dogs, including coyotes, jackals, foxes, and wolves. DOGS IN CARTOONS, COMIC STRIPS, ANIMATION, PUPPETS: ANDY, the faithful St. Bernard in the comic strip Mark Trail ; ACE, The Bat-Hound, a Black and Straw GSD and a member of the Batman mythos of DC comics; ASTRO, from The Jetsons ; AUGIE DOGGIE, and Doggie Daddy by Hanna-Barbera ; BABY CINNAMON, friend of Hello Kitty ; BAD DOG!, An early animated computer screen saver Has romantic feelings for Colleen, often met only with feigned oblivion, often followed in short order by physical violence on her part. She has pink eyes. This is a list of fictional dogs in prose and poetry and is a subsidiary to the list of fictional dogs. Sid's dog; based on the passé springy toy; a story about a bunch of kids' toys come to life. Professor Bomba's one-eyed, three-legged dog; about a 17-year-old girl who is shrunk and lost in a forest where a battle between the good and evil biota is taking place. Of Mice and Magic: A History of American Animated Cartoons. A gambling, rugged, but still lovable German Shepherd. Main article: List of fictional dogs in prose and poetry. Portrayed as a St. Bernard in later adaptations. 2 091. This is a list of fictional dogs in animation, and is subsidiary to the list of fictional dogs. One of the characters in the children's books and … For example, "I love you, George" would be "I ruv roo, Reorge". The second pet dog of Oswald after Elmer the great dane. He turned into a human footman for taking Cinderella to the ball by her Fairy Godmother. He doesn't speak but acts like human in that he walks upright and has human-like mannerisms. A hunting dog who befriends a red fox named Tod. It is restricted to notable dog characters from the world of fiction. Jerry is aware that he is a cartoon creation and interacts with his animator. Prince Eric's dog; about a precocious mermaid who journeys to the surface and falls in love a handsome human. Jenna is Balto's mate and mother of Kodi, Dingo, Saba and Aleu. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Balto's love interest; based on a true story. Apparently, he has a form of, Ruby Rose and Yang Xiao-Long's pet, a valuable resource in combat, shown to be quite effective taking down the towering beasts known as Grimm, This page was last edited on 23 November 2020, at 16:31. Roger's pet, father to 15 puppies and adoptive father to 84 other dalmatian puppies. About a red fox and a hunting dog who renew their friendship. It is a collection of various notable dogs that are featured in animated works including traditional animation, stop-motion animation, or CGI/computer animation. One of the Care Bear Cousins. Although he has an intimidating appearance, his translating collar usually malfunctions by making his voice to sound high-pitched. Literature From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. He often states a desire to bite the behinds of his enemies. This list of fictional dogs is subsidiary to the list of fictional animals. Snowy is a fictional dog created in 1929, a white, wire-haired Grand Fox terrier, Tintin's companion in the comic series that bears the same name as the protagonist, and whose original name (Milou) is due to the first girlfriend of the author Hergé at the age of 18 (Marie-Louise Van Cutsem, affectionately called Milou). It is limited to well-referenced examples of canines. An overly frightened dog who lives in Nowhere, Kansas. It has been suggested that the relevant entries be, Maltin, Leonard. They are part-time friends and part-time opponents. Roberto's companion; about a rag-tag army of animals against the hunters. 1 – Marley. Dog with an unnamed owner; has a crush on Max. He first appeared in "Dog of War". Unlike. Talk:List of fictional dogs in animation. Subcategories. A beautiful female Cocker Spaniel, who lives with her pet owners Jim Dear and Darling. The sheep's watchdog; about farm animals on their own. Film (animation) [edit] Name Breed Film Title Notes; Arrow: generic: The Point: Accompanies his master Oblio when Oblio is banished to the Pointless Forest. Foxworth family's poodle; a dog story based on the book. The Busy World of Richard Scarry. Name Breed Source Author Notes Addison [1] Mutt: Farley Mowat: Farley Mowat's dog in the book The Dog Who Wouldn't Be. Since notability is one of the inclusion criteria at that list, it is at this list as well. It is restricted to notable dog characters from the world of fiction. A non-anthropomorphic St. Bernard dog belonging to Donald Duck. Tim's dog; about a dog who replaces an injured reindeer so Christmas won't be canceled. A dog of legend; about Prince Llywelyn and his faithful hound in old Wales. Buford is a smart but sleepy bloodhound who teams up with two teenagers, Cindy Mae and her older brother Woody, and the trio solves confusing mysteries that baffle Sheriff Muletrain Pettigrew and Goofer McGee. He also howls his heart out when the moon comes out and has a running feud with a brown raccoon. Firefighting pup that also covers emergency medical treatment. The Hills' fourteen-year-old purebred Bloodhound. He is Garfield's best friend, and a kind but (slightly) unintelligent yellow-furred, brown-eared beagle/dachshund mix. Colleen is skilled in martial arts and is a trained medic. A minor character, intended to replace Brian in the episode ". A farm dog and Napoleon's companion; about a family of aristocratic cats who need the help of an alley cat after they are kidnapped. A golden retriever who can communicate with humans through a device on his collar. The sheriff and Buck's best friend; about a mismatched trio of dairy cows who must capture an infamous cattle rustler for his bounty. Her companionship temporarily relieved Hank's stress (and narrow urethra), allowing him to impregnate Peggy. Charlie's cowardly friend; where Charlie reunites with Itchy and plots his revenge against Carface by setting up a rival business. Aunt Figg's overweight skateboarding dog. Tintin's companion in all his adventures. Notability can be proved by the use of reliable sourcing. About an Cocker Spaniel who lives with a refined upper-middle-class family and a stray called Tramp. An unnamed whippet in the first movie, Annabelle is a canine angel that first welcomes Charlie Barkin to Heaven after he is killed by Carface Carruthers. Marc Antony is a burly bulldog that is usually brown with a tan belly and black ears, though his coloration varies in few shorts. Basil's dog, a parody of Sherlock Holmes based on the children's book series. Timmy's pet fairy dog introduced in Season 9. 3 - The origin of characters in literature or other media is difficult to answer. Steve and Betsy's dog in the children's books, animated movies, and animated TV series; about a brown monkey who is brought from his home in Africa by "The Man with The Yellow Hat" to live in a big city. Stu is one of the five diminute animals who live in the eponymous fictional pet shop. A pup that provides aerial support and transport. Ace: German Shepherd: Ace of Hearts|About a K-9 dog accused of mauling a police suspect. (Named after the Stephen King novel Cujo, about a dog who was bitten by a bat and went crazy.). Category:Fictional dogs. He is a light brown (most recently yellow), medium-sized, short-haired dog. Bandit was/is a white dog whose breed was bulldog. The name "Jeep" was adopted by GIs in WW II for their 4-wheel utility vehicle because it was small, versatile and could solve seemingly impossible problems. A muscle-bound bulldog with gray fur and walks pigeon-toed. A bull terrier simply called "the dog", who often gets into trouble with the family. At first, Kyle won't hesitate to take a bite of anything that looks food to him, also hates to be hugged by Agnes. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1980, Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, List of fictional dogs in animated television, The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue, Doraemon: Nobita in the Wan-Nyan Spacetime Odyssey, Blinky Bill’s Extraordinary Balloon Adventure, "Grim Natwick in New York – Part One: The Early Years",, "Underdog takes shot at giants in kids television",,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from October 2013, All articles needing additional references, Cleanup tagged articles with a reason field from May 2015, Wikipedia pages needing cleanup from May 2015, Articles with multiple maintenance issues, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Though having a feminine name, he is a male poodle. Every episode, she plays a game in which she tries to communicate something by leaving paw prints on three clues. A scientifically enhanced cybernetic chihuahua. He is voiced by. A dog that takes care of Mindy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Her age is unknown as there is no mention of this in the series at any point. Buck, in Jack London's The Call of the Wild. A well-intentioned and eager ghost, Cujo is able to slip out of the ghost zone at will, trying to retrieve his lost toy. Police officer pup that covers searching, safeguarding and excavation. His job is to find homes for stray dogs. Amazon Links below to Buy the Movies and Shows from the Video!We wish they were real so we could smooch them, hug them and pat their heads. The ship's dog; about the sailor of legend traveling to the end of the world to save the life of a prince. He is a rugged spirit, adventurer of his social domain; a rebel soul, no one to turn to but himself. His razor sharp teeth and claws can cut through anything. This page was last edited on 8 July 2020, at 01:12. Kipper is warm-hearted, friendly and curious. Although Balto is a husky wolf cross in the film in real life he was just a husky. An unfortunate character in a variation on, A nanny for the Darling family; based on the book by. A story based on the book. Likes to say Edward’s name. Lucky is the leader of the Shelter 17 Pound Puppies unit. Prose and poetry. Betty's companion; about a curvaceous Jazz age flapper. Ratcliffe's dog; about an English soldier and the daughter of an Algonquin chief who share a romance. Contents. A member of the Griffin family. The victim of Screw's antics; about a brash and erratic squirrel who inflicts various forms of torture on his enemy. It is a collection of various animated dogs in film. Porkchop is Doug Funnie's dog and best friend. He is the main character of the series. Purple-hued husky pup that operates in heavy work and snow-based emergencies. A curious dog whose love of adventure makes crazy situations no problem for him. Wallace's companion; about an absent-minded inventor and his companion, an anthropomorphic intelligent dog (claymation). Anthropomorphized dog who lives in a house. Rufus' girlfriend in the animated movie; about a rag-tag army of animals against the hunters. Jip (short for Gypsy), Dora Spenlow's spaniel in Charles Dickens' David Copperfield. An anthropomorphized deputy sheriff in the Mississippi bayous of the United States. For real/famous dogs, see List of dogs. For mythological dogs, see Mythological dogs.. Pluto's affectionate and compassionate love interest. He is the very heart and soul of T.U.F.F. A dachshund who is Charlie's best friend. Credited as the recycling pup. List of fictional dogs. Pudgy is a white little puppy with black spots and he was first seen in Betty Boop's Little Pal in 1934. Bull's-eye, Bill Sikes' dog in Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. Adversary to Chilly Willy; about a penguin and friends living in Alaska. This list is described as subsidiary to List of fictional dogs. Due to Brian's death being averted two episodes later, Vinny never replaces him, but he is slated to return sometime later. 8.1 Footnotes; 8.2 References; Literature . Based on the real-life. It is a collection of various animated dogs in film. Connie's dog; about a showgirl's dog who gets abducted and ends up working on a farm. A friend of Rover's; about a showgirl's dog who gets abducted and ends up working on a farm. 17 mars 2015 - Les étudiants en 1ère année Cinéma d'Animation 2D/3D s'inspirent d'un membre de leur entourage et associent leur trait de personnalité à un animal The Winslow family dog; about a big dog that gets into loads of trouble. A dog with audible thoughts, companion dog to Davey. He possesses super speed, and is prone to listing a range of other "powers" such as super-loyalty, super-trust, and super-luck. Ren is a psychotic Chihuahua who lives together with his best friend Stimpy, a, Began in 2006 a game show dog host was established with the help of. Charlie reunites with Itchy and plots his revenge against Carface by setting up a rival business. Hyenas are not canines. Belle ("Jolly" in the Japanese version) escaped into the French countryside. Along with Gru, Kyle warms up over the course of the film; at the end, Kyle ends up not minding about sleeping with the girls, especially Agnes. List of fictional dogs in animated film. even though he's an airheaded and hyperactive, white and black, mixed-breed, dog who usually wears nothing more than a shirt. Corneil can be arrogant yet can be very cunning to get what he wants. A friend of Lady; about an American Cocker Spaniel who lives with a refined upper-middle-class family and a stray called Tramp. For mythological dogs, see Mythological dogs. It is a collection of various notable dogs that are featured in animated works including traditional animation, stop-motion animation, or CGI/computer animation. The dog that releases Blu and Jewel from chains; about a macaw who takes off on an adventure to Rio de Janeiro.. A leading character in animated movies such as, featuring Marc Antony and Pussyfoot. The mother and father dogs; about the travails of two Dalmatians and their puppies. He has blue fur with a white heart-shaped patch over one eye, and his tummy symbol is a red heart-shaped medal. 2.3 Animation; 2.4 Radio; 3 Song; 4 Video games; 5 Sporting and advertising mascots; 6 Other fictional dogs; 7 See also; 8 Bibliography. Film (live-action) [edit] Character Breed Source Notes; Abu: The Thief of Bagdad: The dog that the evil Jaffar turns the boy thief into. It is a collection of various dogs in prose literature and poetry. Gru's ferocious, black, grey-eyed pet dog of an unknown species, which has the personality of a bulldog and the fang-like teeth of a piranha. However, the pet's attitudes … This category has the following 17 subcategories, out of 17 total. Victor's dog; about a boy who creates a machines that revives his dead dog.

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