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A solid surface, such as cultured marble, is a manufactured product that combines certain resins, stone particles, and pigments to produce a product that has a natural marble look. Marble countertops will brighten your kitchen, are easy to clean, and are great for cooking. During the analysis on the 1194 marble slabs we found the average square foot cost of all the marble countertop slabs to be $48 per square foot. Average cost depends on location you are purchasing from.Main marble quarry are in rajasthan and selling price depends on purchase cost + Transportation.Same is the case in tiles, as its production is in Gujrat. Cultured marble shower walls cost an average of $1,850 to install but vary from $700 to $2,450. Historically used in many famous Italian buildings, it also occurs in Iceland, Indonesia, Croatia, the Middle East, South America, as well as Colorado and Texas. Average cost of marble flooring restoration per square foot; Cleaning: $0.50 to $1.50: Grinding, honing and polishing: $5 to $7: Buffing: $3: Diamond polishing: $3: Powder polishing: $2 to $3: Crystallisation: $1 to $2: Resealing: $0.50 to $2 Contains fissures and visible pitting with a few flaws. Marble countertop cost: $75-$250 per square foot; Maintenance costs: High; How to save money on marble countertops: Install marble tile instead of slab. Cultured marble costs $65 per square foot. marble slab | Cheapest marble slab producing countries 2019; Home / cost of white marble flooring / marble cost per square foot | Bestselling colors of marbles. However, better looking quartz often costs more than granite. Some of your favorite ingredients and food items can play absolute havoc with your marble counters. Low to mid range quality granite and quartz cost about the same - $50-70 per square foot. Is there a good guide for granite countertop costs? Let's compare our choices of marble tile and slab: In addition to marble countertops, there are many other options that we can compare to that are drastically different in price. This is a soft, taupe-colored marble with a white, marshmallow vein. Cultured marble is a manufactured product that is entirely non-porous and has a natural marble look. Each one can either mute or highlight a feature of the marble’s color and/or texture, as well as alter the stone’s propensity to stain or its ability to conceal any surface damage. Prices depend on the type of marble selected, the size of your countertops, and the local labor costs. Here are the most common types of marble countertops types listed by their cost in square feet: Pink marble is very affordable at $25 per square foot and is found throughout India, Greece, and China. Cost: Around $80 - $150 per square foot installed. The marble is distinctive in its appearance with large veins running through it, which is what makes it recognizable, and the purity of the white in the stone is what sets it apart. A flamed finish intends to create a surface with a heightened texture that has a more natural stone roughness to it. In terms of its appearance, honed marble is not what could be described as either shiny or reflective. In all three cases, you will see water bead up, and if you no longer see that effect on your marble, then it will be time to reseal. Spray the entire surface with a marble cleaner. Mined in Carrara, Italy, Calacatta is white marble and is the most expensive of all marble coming in at $180 per square foot. Installed granite countertops can range from $40 to $150 per square foot. Marble is a bit more costly than other countertop options, but the beautiful, bright, shiny, natural appearance of marble goes unmatched. The non-porous surface will help prevent germs and bacteria in your bathroom. Travertine looks like and is sold as marble. Portions of the surface layer flake off in a random pattern that resembles weathering. offers 1,190 marble price per square meter products. Using a clean, dry, soft cloth, buff the entire marble surface using a circular movement. It is not considered an ideal surface for a kitchen countertop, but more for exterior use, like a non-slip walking surface. Choose more affordable grades, shades and colors of marble. Ultimately, when electing to go custom and not buy off the shelf, you could get the marble as thick as you like; but when looking for the best possible price, buy marble that is produced in bulk. If success was not achieved on your first application and removal, repeat the process. Remember to check that your next reminder is set up. Open some windows, and maybe using a fan to direct airflow over the marble toward the open window to help remove the fumes from the sealant. Rates average $75 per hour and expect to pay $200–$600 for the repair, depending on the extent of the damage. Given the porous nature of your marble countertop, maintenance is a standard and critical component of ownership to ensure your investment stays looking its very best for the longest time. The leathered surface also makes it really good at hiding fingerprints, smudges, and any type of surface flaw likely to occur through years of ownership, making it an ideal finish for kitchen countertops. Because the final surface is uneven, it’s not easy to clean and provides a perfect trap for dirt or bacteria. Related Articles. It is fairly typical for minor damage to occur to a marble countertop in a residential kitchen. On the flip side, marble tiles are thinner squares that are commonly used in kitchen backsplashes and flooring. A slab marble floor costs around few dollars the Cost Of Marble Slab. Slab thickness: A 2 cm slab is cheaper than a 3 cm slab and a 5 cm slab is very expensive. The cleaning of marble is simple with most stains easy to lift with a dash of soap. Average cost of marble countertops installed is $65 to $95 per square foot. This wide price range is because the final cost of granite countertops will depend on several factors including the variation, quality and availability of the granite as well as the individual costs of the fabricator and installer. Price includes granite slabs, installation, and custom edge detail. Dark Green Marble: Price Start From Rs.50/- and Above : Price Start From $8.06 and Above: 4. The Opal White Marbles have a smooth texture and are available in various sizes and dimensions.. Opal White marble is used for all purpose like flooring, counter top and Wall cladding. NEW Edit, Print & Save this in Homewyse Lists Create your own price list in Homewyse Lists For a basic project in zip code 47474 with 120 square feet, the cost to Install Marble Tile starts at $11.62 - $22.56 per square foot*. Instead, sweep away any crumbs or dirt and regularly wipe down with a wet sponge. The Calacatta slab that I wanted is beautiful with gorgeous light green, gold and grey veining. Concrete. Return to Marble Counter Top Questions & Answers. Without installation fees, Cambria countertops price range from $28 to $90 per square foot. Thicker marble is more suitable as a countertop in a kitchen where the homeowner is going for more of a contemporary look and feel. marble cost per square foot | Bestselling colors of marbles. For more significant damage, have a professional come out and take care of it. At an average cost of $20 to $50 per square foot, laminate is perfect for those on a tight budget, but just don’t expect the same durability or hardiness that you get with natural stone or solid surface. Simply enter your zip code and the square footage , next click update and you will see a breakdown on what it should cost to have Marble Countertops installed onto your home. These products could actually comprise up to 50% of the total price per square foot of a job, as the cost of labor doesn’t change much. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Marble is roughly 18 lbs. The products used in sealing help fight off stains but don’t make the countertop completely stain proof. These range in price from $36-$155 per square foot, but usually fall somewhere in the lower end of that scale. For customers who desire the look of marble and the durability of granite, Quartzite is a great countertop option. In the production process, the mixed materials are poured into molds that result in a final product such as shower pans, shower walls, bathtubs, sinks, trim, backsplash, and countertops. A simple maintenance plan should be provided to you by your installation contractor, and it will typically contain elements similar to the following: The practice of sealing your countertop starts at the initial installation, and this will be an ongoing maintenance task. Whenever possible, see the desired finish on a color and texture that is either the exact product or the closest match possible, because the finish selected will alter the appearance of your countertop as well as how it performs and feels. Marble is the perfect countertop surface for avid bakers, making kneading and rolling dough a breeze with its non-stick surface. A wide variety of marble price per square meter options are available to you, such as marble type, project solution capability, and design style. The average price of granite countertops is $3,700, and $3,500 for quartz for a complete installation. Once out of the mold, the resulting product will have a clear, durable, and transparent surface, which is available in a version which has been polished to result in a shiny finish, or honed to give it a matte finish. The following table compares the cost of quartzite countertops to the cost of other stone countertop options. The time to inst… A general rule of thumb for resealing your countertop is a frequency of every 3-6 months, depending on the number of people in the home and their ability to be a part of the marble care team. Etching is unpreventable, and it's easy to scratch marble by dragging something heavy across the surface or to dent by dropping a heavy object on its corner. Ask our expert. Let's explore this by comparing the cost of ColorQuartz to the cost of granite. This finish gives the stone a smooth and reflective surface which amplifies the stone’s natural beauty. For an average kitchen with a countertop size of 40 square feet, made with a mid-range marble at $50 per square foot, and installation costs at $400, it will cost around $2,400 total. In many cases, small zones of damaged marble, such as a chipped surface, can be addressed using a DIY kit from your local hardware store for an average of $60. Laminate has its limitations, but as long as you go in knowing that, you’ll probably be fine with the results. With slabs going as small as 3/4" inches thick. Sometimes it’s found with a blue-gray hue or a less pure white, further contributing to its more affordable price point. Never use an acid-based or abrasive cleaning product on your counters. About 1% of these are Marble, 0% are Countertops,Vanity Tops & Table Tops. The visible grains in these stone are very fine and give the appearance of shimmering when they reflect light. The more uniform the vein is in its appearance, and the purer the white elements are, the more it can be sold for to the consumer. Many years of experience working with marble. The most popular marble kitchen countertop slab produced in bulk measures around 1 ¼ inches thick. This is a fairly common marble as well, available in a range of slab sizes, costing between $40 to $60 a square foot on average. Vetrazzo countertops are on the pricier side. All marble was not created equal. How much does carrara marble cost adelinepalomba co italian marble price per square foot range imported product on what you need to know about marble countertops cost the carrera marble countertops cost robynheide co italian marble price per square foot range imported product on carrera marble countertops cost robynheide co. 2020 Marble Countertop Cost Guide Slab Prices Per Sq … Set reminders for when it will be time to have professionals come to reseal the marble. Also mined in the mountains of Italy, Carrara is very plentiful and is by far the most popular type of marble. Danby marble countertops will cost around $80 per square foot. Marble countertops are also recommended for floors and bathrooms and keep a consistently cold temperature year around. Slab stone countertops--pieces of stone custom cut to the size and shape of a countertop -- cost $25-$100 and up per square foot, depending on the type of stone, thickness of the slabs, number of sink cutouts, edging style, and finish used. The effects of a sealant on marble will be similar to that of Rain X on a windshield or wax on your car. When remodeling your kitchen and bathrooms, such as countertops, flooring, cabinets, and backsplashes, you can expect around a 70% return on your investment. Costs Marble countertop slabs are more expensive than quartz depending on the quality chosen However the labor cost for quartz is higher due to the complicated installation Therefore the cost difference is not dramatic Marble costs approximately 60 to 100 per square foot. Rs 80/ Square Feet Get Latest Price. Even something as simple as the acid in a lemon can leave etching when left overnight on a polished counter. When compared to marble, it is appropriately classified as another form of limestone which occurs in tan, rusty, white, and cream colors. Cutouts: the number of holes cut for sinks, faucets, soap dispensers, cooktops, will increase the price, Edge style: Complex or compound edges like an ogee are more expensive than simple edge styles like a squared or bullnose, Number of seams: Larger kitchens that require multiple slabs will have more seams and/or unusual kitchen shapes may require more seams which adds to the cost, Labor: Cost for labor will vary depending on how difficult or complex the particular installation is considering delivery of slabs (i.e. Another marble mined in the mountains of Italy, Statuario, is considered rare and is also referred to as one of the most precious marbles quarried in Italy. For an average kitchen countertop of 40 square feet, made with a mid-range marble at $50 per square foot, and installation costs at $400, it will cost around $2,400 total. Cultured marble is a manufactured product that combines certain resins, stone particles, and pigments to produce a product that has a natural marble look. The best option for bathroom countertops is cultured marble. Statuario Marble costs $50 per square foot on average. per square foot, and an average kitchen will be approximately 40 square feet, so at least one piece will be at least 28–30 sqft = 504–540 lbs. The process also seals the pores of the stone, making the stone less porous than raw or honed marble, and thus more resistant to staining. Burberry Black: Price Start From Rs.75/- and Above: Price Start From $12.09 and Above: 3. That makes it difficult enough to get into the house, and then awkward to maneuver once inside. Granite slab countertops starting at $34.99 per square foot installed. Excellent ratings on HomeGuide, Google, BBB, etc. This random texture allows an organic natural beauty to be revealed in the appearance and resulting composition of the stone and resembles the surface of leather. On average, quartz counters cost $70-90 per square foot installed. To remove the dry application, either work it loose with a plastic knife, taking care not to scratch the marble (or dampen so it is no longer caked on) and then mop up with a wet sponge or soft cloth. When it is all dry, and there is no sealant left, you can stop. However, Pink marble from Tennessee is not actually a true marble so be sure to ask for the paperwork if you go this route. admin December 29, 2019 cost of white marble flooring Leave a comment 17 Views. Other available marble color strains include beige, black, blue, brown, green, gray, gold, pink, purple, red, and yellow. If you have some stains in the marble and warm water hasn’t been able to remove them, working up a poultice with baking soda and water and then spreading it on the stain and leaving for 24 hours should work really well. As youll soon see, the average marble cost per square foot varies quite a bit: The average amount of marble bought for countertops is 53sf. Before you narrow down your short list of contractors, see how many of the following they have: When you're ready, get free estimates on HomeGuide from trusted countertop installers: Get 5 free estimates on HomeGuide from trusted marble countertop professionals: Let us know about your needs so we can bring you the right pros. Marble countertops come in a wide range of styles and qualities with prices ranging from $25 to $180 per square foot. For an average kitchen with a countertop size of 40 square feet, made with a mid-range marble at $50 per square foot, will cost around $2,400 and includes installation. Additionally, Carrara marble is one of the world’s top five most desirable marbles for use in residential kitchen countertops. For more than a century, a quarry in Vermont, Canada, has some questioning if Vermont is the new Italy, because of the eight varieties of quality marble traditionally only available from Italian mines. If you choose a manufactured marble, you may opt to add addition edge options to your countertops which will increase the price. Labor, tools and supplies are not a significant portion of the cost required to install marble countertops. For example, the acid in vinegar and most fruits, including the humble tomato, will cause visible deterioration in your counter surface. Receive quotes from multiple pros that meet your exact needs. Cost Of Marble Slab Per Square Foot. Marble Countertops Cost. Average costs and comments from CostHelper's team of professional journalists and community of users. The majority of costs to install marble countertops comes from the materials alone. This adds a beautiful elegance to the finish and seals the pores of the polished parts of the stone. Below is a table comparing the cost of Vetrazzo countertops to the costs of many commonly used materials. In recent years, this has changed, and today we are seeing thicker marble countertops being offered by some manufacturers, with some pieces as thick as 2 inches or more. Material: PVC. Since its discovery, additional processes have been refined over the years to give the stone different finishes for countertops, backsplashes, and floors. All marble was not created equal. According to Architectural Digest, classic white is the top choice in marble countertops for many homeowners, and in that category, both Italian marbles Calacatta and Statuario are excellent choices. Some of the most common colors are considered the prettiest, though personal preference varies widely. For the physically active individual, or for those with a few reliable, helpful friends, a DIY is “possible,” but it is not for the faint-hearted. When installation costs are added, Cambria quartz could range between $55 to $125 per square foot. This takes the previously detailed leathered finish to another level through the addition of a final polishing step: the raised elements in the texture are brought to a shine while the lower portions remain untouched. How much a marble floor should cost. For example, the material cost for 53sf of marble at the average rate of $60/sf is $3,180. Continue reading to see all the costs of marble countertops, or chat with local countertop installation pros. Product Details : At RK Marbles India, We offer a wide range of Opal White Marble.We procure top quality material from reputed vendors for designing these marbles. Thickness: 3 mm. Contact for an accurate discounted quote; Polystyrene block slabs are lightweight, faster and cheaper The vast majority of the total cost is material alone. Read more or get free instant estimates from countertop pros near you. Please enter your question. Being less porous than non-polished natural stone surfaces, it is ideal for kitchens, and it works very well as a safe surface for food preparation. For the sake of any remaining fumes, you can leave the fans running for another 20–30 minutes. You could save 23% to 32% by doing it yourself; however, if you or one of your friends drops the marble and it cracks, the expense of replacing it far exceeds your savings, not to mention the potential for injury in working with stone this heavy. Honing gives marble a matte finish with none of the characteristics seen in polished marble. green onyx tile | Best selling stone tiles around the world. Get Price; Cost Of Marble Countertops Calculate 2019 Prices Install Materials alone cost roughly $1,700 for a 70-square-foot unit. Carrara is used in many famous statues and buildings. Installation and labor costs are around $10 per square foot, which makes up a minimal portion of your total cost. This process is typically better suited as a finish for darker marble countertops since it not only keeps the color of the stone, but the texture is more natural to see than if it was done on lighter marble. Unfortunately the Calacatta would cost over $13,000 installed -- $5000 more than the Carrara. Marble is a naturally occurring stone that is quarried throughout Italy, India, Greece, and China where it is then custom fit to your countertop needs. It is not only expensive and highly sought after, but it’s becoming increasingly rare—as its uses expand from exterior embellishments, tiles, and flooring to include kitchen countertops, backsplashes, and bathroom vanities. More subtle veining and very few flaws, and no repairs. Floor tiles, like backsplash tiles, are about few dollars per square foot. While many other countertop options are less expensive, the appearance alone of Vetrazzo could prove too hard to pass up. A marble slab is a large custom cut piece of stone to fit the dimensions of your countertop space. Most homeowners on HomeGuide report spending between $40 to $100 per square foot for both materials and professional installation. The Eureka Danby has medium to heavy gray veins that run through its darker gold base, and experts often liken it to Calacatta Gold, while the rarer Imperial Danby Marble features light to medium vein features and is commonly found as the countertop of choice for many homeowners. Has extensive flaws that need to be corrected and may contain bright colors and dramatic veins. Marble floors are often comprised of tiles instead of slabs because they are easier to install or replace. Marble countertop costs will range from $40 to $200 per square foot. Marble countertops have extreme durability and are often cheaper than other stone countertops. Depending on the amount of use the countertops get, it may become necessary to buff the counter again, or in extreme cases sanding followed by polishing to restore it to its former beauty seen right after it was first installed. Being less porous than non-polished natural stone surfaces, it is ideal for kitchens, and it works very well as a safe surface for food preparation. Marble comes in a wide range of styles and qualities with most homeowners paying between $40-$100 per square foot. Let discuss the per sq ft cost of slab. Name of Marble Marble Image Price per sq.feet in Indian Rupees Price per in US Dollars; 1. This makes it a more affordable option for homeowners with an average cost of $40 per square foot. Most varieties have the light color tones of marble with similar grey veining patterns. The surfaces go for between $85 to $165 per square foot.

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